The flower portion of our operation is a little accidental; when you need to cherish and nourish the pollinators, and pollinator populations are threatened, all of a sudden your farm is over-run with flowers as a safekeeping against all the challenges facing the hardest workers on our farm.

And it might be more organized to plant all your flowers together, but we’ve decided that it makes the human labor in the fields so much more pleasant when there is an abundance of color, the constant song of bees, and the zip of hummingbirds as they tear after one another.

Sadly, the flower trade has fewer regulations than food production, and many of the flowers available in stores have been produced in Central and South America where chemical use is even less regulated than here.

We’re proud to produce flowers that have never been sprayed or fertilized with anything we ourselves would not use on our own food--and we avoid certain chemicals that have been approved for organic producers but that have the potential to harm bee or fish populations. Having a systems approach means we care about all of the parts of our farm, all of the time.

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