We strive to create a living environment for our animals that relies on pasture, small herd or flock size, and frequent group movements to avoid the stress and health issues associated with continually inhabiting the same crowded pens or barns. The frequent movements benefit the health of the pasture, too. Our meat flocks and herds are pastured in large, moveable electrified enclosures so they can enjoy the benefits of foraging in fresh clover, alfalfa, and grasses.

All our animal feed is all certified non-GMO, and we raise many crops with our animals in mind--the sunflowers that bloom at the wrong time become seeds that the turkeys, chickens, and ducks covet, and the pigs probably enjoy our winter squash even more than you do! You are encouraged to come and see the spaces your meat and laying hens frolic!


Our turkeys are non-GMO, pasture-raised heritage birds. We raise Bourbon Reds, Standard Bronzes, and Royal Palms.

This year the turkeys have been moved continuously on a mixed red-clover, alfalfa pasture, and they have enjoyed eating (and playing with) tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, carrot tops, grasshoppers, and pecking at Jenn's buttons. They are $7 a lb and range in size between 9 and 22 lbs.

Looking to order a turkey for Thanksgiving 2019? See us at market or email us to check availability.

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