Welcome to The Yurtstead

Picture of Yurtstead Farm in July 2020

The Yurtstead

The Yurtstead is a small, diversified family farm in Coal Creek Valley, north and west of Montrose, Colorado.

All our products are available at the Montrose, Crested Butte, and Ridgway Farmers’ markets, and we can sometimes accommodate “especial for you” harvests and pick-ups directly from the farm.

About Us

We’re proud to rely on an off-grid solar power system, and although we are not a certified organic farm, we follow all the guidelines required by the USDA to achieve organic certification. We integrate vegetable production and egg and meat husbandry to provide pest and disease control, enhance soil fertility in the vegetable gardens and pasture, and create a fully outdoor, optimum-health environment for animals. We take a systems approach, and feel confident that our concern with soil tilth and pasture health is easy to taste in our final vegetable and animal products.